Gather Innovations, Inc.

Senior Product Designer / UX Team Lead
2020 — 2022

Projects include QR Code Design, Laser Engraving Designs, Metals Testing, Photography, Marketing & Advertising, and Packaging & Box Print Design.

KeepTrack is a proprietary two-part system (hardware and software) designed to maintain a seamless chain of custody and provide funeral homes with the industry's most accurate and secure body tracking solution and brings the family's experience to the heart of its design. After the final disposition, family and friends can scan the QR code on the keepsake medallion to visit their loved one’s permanent Remember Page where they can upload their favorite photos, light a candle, send flowers, or share stories.

Several variations of design were explored for the medallion keepsake and the headstone badge. The engraving had to be flawlessly scannable and include a custom pattern or texture that gave it a personalized feel. Rigorous testing was performed on different metal types and shapes as well as the card used to mount the product on. 

A client can activate a QR code and assign it to a case in the app. From that point forward that QR code on the medallion and headstone badge would point to the deceased person's online obituary page as well as provide the family insights during the funeral preparations.

Many of the upgrades to the interactions began as rough sketches and notes from product strategy meetings. Once core functionality is established I will turn the wireframes into high fidelity mockups and explore all variations that could exist. Goals are to minimize touch-points and interactions required to accomplish a task. The use of haptic feedback upon completion of core tasks was added to amplify and confirm the certainty of user's actions. 

The entire app ecosystem is mapped and wireframed. Design systems are established and style guides are formed. Working closely with engineering I designed many core functions of how the funeral home software interacts with the clients and their families. 

Along with the Keepsake and badge we put together product packaging to be provided to the Funeral Homes to offer to their families. Being able to put together a meaningful, full circle solution, was truly rewarding.