Corporate Redesign

National Carwash Solutions, Inc.

Senior Product Designer
2022 — 2023

Projects include Rebranding, Stakeholder Presentations, Project Management, Information Architecture, Server SetupsCMS Install & Configuration, CRM Integrations, Front-End Engineering, SEO, Sitemapping, Wireframing, UI Design, Prototyping, Animation, and Marketing.

The NCS website was old and out-dated, and the company had recently made several large acquisitions. I was tasked to build a solution where visitors could easily get to what they needed through the parent NCS website, but still have a consistent experience when landing on a popular subsidiary. The main NCS website served as that portal to gain access to the other brands which already had a large history and following. It was a delicate solution of building the right click-paths and maintaining several major pages and sections from other sectors of the company & products.

I worked with with other teams to include their content in the pillar pieces of the NCS website redesign. A major amount of cleanup and rework was needed to consolidate CMS's, CRM systems, broken and out-dated integrations, and re-thinking strategy around primary CTAs for new lead generation. I built a central form server where our custom website forms were maintained and delivered as an elegant embed wherever needed. Those forms then dished the data through various routes and filled prospect lists.

Through many rounds of finding inspiration and experimenting with concepts we leaned toward similarities to a global giant with a clean, formal, and innovative presence. This helped drive the layout and character of the website.

During the beginning of the website project the company went under a brand redesign. I had to then align these new patterns and families into a clean and concise layout. The new NCS website was full of rich blues and lifestyle imagery. 

I performed a full spectrum UX & SEO audit of the current website properties. Top performing key words and pages were extracted and cataloged. Priority entry-points were established and I began to develop a sense of the major business systems at work. The next step was building and maintaining an MVP Sitemap. From there I began rounds of wireframing as copy and content were being generated.

I managed the project from conception to development acting as the sole UX designer on the Creative Services team. I connected with various teams and stakeholders to prep and compile content for menus, pages, chat-bots, form submissions, etc.  I sought and hired a development team to start building the website on a server & CMS that I had installed and configured. I provided development guidelines and followed the project through the engineering sprints.

Several different header arrangements were tested. The header included a hero slider that would show animated slides for the website and ongoing promotions. This is where I would spend a little bit of time making the animations of each slide really dialed in. This movement is a great way to catch a visitors eye and provide some delight.

As a UX/UI Designer I take it upon myself to ensure I have the most detailed, or high resolution assets to use in my work. Sometimes this is easy because previously someone has done a good job maintaining files and libraries. Other times that is not the case. This project included a hefty process of re-creating logos that only existed as a .jpg or other messy vector artwork. Reworking the logos of the company brands provided a huge benefit for myself and other designers to grab and go to utilize in designs. This also provides a rapid outlet to cutting a logo in different sizes, colors, and arrangements.

I maintained brand asset catalogs like this, along with app and web style guides.

I designed several concepts for company email signatures (and footers). I then built a working E-mail Signature Generator with a secure internal URL that could be shared to each employee. They would plug in their information and click a button and it would generate a full HTML email signature to download or copy & paste into an e-mail client. This eventually migrated to a 3rd party signature managing service.

There were several national conventions and carwash shows that go on throughout the year. This particular show I helped design some of the banners and signage that appeared at the NCS booth.

I was designing and building marketing campaign emails close to every month. With so many companies and so many ongoing campaigns I was busy creating systems to streamline the process within the CRMs we were using. Some of the email templates I hand-coded in a fully 100% responsive template and then utilized that within Salesforce or ActiveCampaign. I enforce strict guidelines with the email designs - being asset light, browser/client universal, and as compliant as possible. 

During the company rebranding phase I designed a few concepts of the main mark. 

And had some fun making t-shirt designs for internal use.